Banharn backs PM to forward Charter revision bill on origin of Senate for royal approval


BANGKOK, 30 September 2013  – Chart Thai Pattana Party’s Head Adviser Banhan Silpa-Acha has stressed that it is the Prime Minister’s responsibility to seek royal nod within 20 days after the charter amendment bill covering the origin of senate members passed its 3rd reading without having to wait for the Constitutional Court’s verdict on the matter. 

Earlier the Court accepted the Democrats’ petition calling for its ruling on whether or not the bill is constitutional. The move is expected to delay the royal endorsement of the bill.

Mr. Banhan indicated that the interpretation is under the Court’s jurisdiction, but personally he deems that the bill does not breach Section 154 of the constitution as claimed by the opposition. He said that there should not be any problem to forward the matter for the royal endorsement.

Meanwhile, Secretary General of the Prime Minister Suranand Vejjajiva revealed that the Secretariat of the Cabinet is currently examining the details of the charter amendment bill. He expected that the process would take about a couple of days, and that the Prime Minister is likely to present the draft legislation for royal signature by October 1.