Bangkok will not face floods soon


BANGKOK, 10 August 2011 -The Department of Drainage and Sewerage has revealed that Bangkok will not deal with floods anytime soon as current water levels do not exceed the barriers along the canals which are 2.5-3 meters high. 

Director General of the Department Mr. Sanya Cheenimit said the water in the Chaopraya River was increasing at the rate of 1,498 cubic meters per second. The rate has been recorded in Samphanthawong district of Bangkok where the river runs through.

On top of the said scenario, the amount of water being released into the river in the northern province of Chainat has been measured at 1,265 cubic meters per second. Mr. Sanya expected the water to rise to 94 centimeters higher in Bangkok tonight at 19.42 hrs when flood waters from the North reach the capital city.

However, Mr. Sanya said the situation would be under control. Bangkok will come under flood surveillance given that the average amount of rain has been higher this year compared to the past 20 years by 45.3%.

The Department of Drainage and Sewerage will collaborate with the Meteorological Department, the Hydrographic Department and the Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand in keeping the water levels under control.