Bangkok vaccinated 1,790 health professionals since March 1

1,790 health professionals working in Bangkok’s six districts that have high risk of infection have been inoculated with the Covid-19 vaccine since March 1.

The Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) has reported that the BMA has provided inoculation to 1,790 healthcare personnel through 13 private hospitals, 3 public hospitals and 7 public health service centers in Bang Khun Thian, Bang Bon, Nong Khaem, Bang Khae, Phasi Charoen and Jomthong districts.

According to the BMA, medical professionals are the first group to receive the vaccine, while the second group will be public health volunteers for proactive testing missions, and the third target group will be those who have chronic diseases.

The BMA also reported that of the 1,790 persons vaccinated, 11 persons were found to have non-severe side-effects, while no severe side-effects had been reported so far. (NNT)