Bangkok to provide living skills training for students


BANGKOK, 6 May 2015  – The Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) is gearing up its integration of living skills training and teaching in schools, under the supervision of the BMA to increase student’s skills.

The BMA Deputy Permanent-Secretary Attaporn Suwattanadeja presided over the opening ceremony of the second Education Institutes Development Project. The project will provide guidelines on to how to train and come up with activities that improves the living skills of students to staff.

The Deputy Permanent-Secretary has said that Thai society is now facing rapid changes in the technological advancement through the abundance of information, which might harm some youths who are not well prepared to adapt to the changes. The BMA is now encouraging the training of living skills to students in BMA-run schools, through idea suggested from the participants in this event.

He has also said that the outcome of this project will be used by schools to carry out proper and effective living skills training activities for their students, based on the conditions of each school.

The Education Institutes Development Project on the guidelines to hold living skills training activities for students commences from today until 8 May 2015. Education institutes executives, teachers, and educational staff will be participating in this seminar. The event features workshops and lectures that serves to brainstorm the practical guidelines of training activities that will be implemented in the future at BMA schools.