Bangkok to be transformed into a cultural attraction


BANGKOK, 21 March 2011 (NNT)-Suthichai Veerakulsunthorn, a Bangkok City Councilor will propose a development plan for Bangkok and its surrounding areas to the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) to transform the city into a cultural attraction to compete with Hanoi of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam.

After visiting Hanoi, Mr. Suthichai said the tourism industry in Vietnam has grown quickly during the past 5 years. Vietnam has promoted its tourism sector through local traditions and cultures, a move which brings nostalgia among tourists.

Among Hanoi’s tourist attractions is Van Phuc, a village which dates back 1,200 years ago, members of this village continue to weave silk for a living. Visitors can also enjoy river views on a boat trip.

In an attempt to raise tourism standards of Bangkok, Mr. Suthichai is set to discuss this matter with the BMA to transform communities in Bangkok and its adjacent areas into cultural attractions to boost the tourism industry.

The Bangkok Councilor added later that his trip to Vietnam was to tighten relationship between Thailand and Vietnam while he also had a chance to study the country’s tradition and old values.


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