KResearch: Thai tourism affected by Japan disasters


BANGKOK, 21 March 2011 (NNT) – The deadly massive earthquake and tsunami waves will reduce the number of Japanese tourists travelling to Thailand, according to Kasikorn Research Center (KResearch). 

Japan must spend a huge amount of budget to rehabilitate itself and the economy, which will take time before its country and people will be restored to normalcy. Thailand tends to lose 15-20 billion baht worth of income from the reduced number of Japanese tourists coming to Thailand this year.

Earlier, KResearch expected that there would be about 1.2 million Japanese tourists travelling to Thailand in 2011, generating over 38 billion baht in income to the nation. Statistics showed that the number of Japanese tourists had been declining and had just recovered in the past few months before the disasters.

However, it is expected that Japan will divert future risks of natural disasters by encouraging their senior citizens which are increasing in number, to spend life in their pension age in other countries which are safer and cheaper compared with Japan.

Thailand will be, in this case, at an advantage in terms of tourism resources, quality service personnel and lower cost of living compared with other developed countries as well as its neighbors.