Bangkok schools maintain effort against air pollution


Bangkok – A total of 432 schools under the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) have installed water sprinklers to combat PM 2.5 pollution, as have district offices. Bangkok Noi district alone has installed 66 sprinklers, looking to protect its students from the air pollution. All Bangkok students have been encouraged to wear face masks at this time to further limit the effects of the recurring smog.

Addressing car exhaust pollution, the Department of Land Transport is working with Traffic Police to inspect and remove polluting vehicles. Since inspections began on January 27 this year, over 10,000 cars in Bangkok have been caught for emitting excessive amounts of PM 2.5.

On differing air quality readings at checkpoints, Head of Inspections for the Department of Land Transport Somchai Rak-kaeo explained that many factors influence readings while confirming that vehicle emissions must not exceed the 45 percent limit.

While latest reports from Air4Thai show that PM 2.5 levels in Bangkok have dropped to a safe 17-69 micrograms per cubic meter, the Pollution Control Department has warned that it is still likely that pollution will rise again over the next day or so.