Bangkok expedites installation of lights and CCTV in city danger spots


BANGKOK, 30 September 2014  Bangkok is expediting the installation of lighting systems and CCTV in 283 areas of risk to citizens.

Treedao Apaiwong, a spokesperson for the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration revealed today that after a conference involving the Bangkok Executive Team, the Public Works Department and the Traffic and Transportation Department it was decided to improve security lighting throughout the metropolis. The move is in accordance with the project to provide residents and visitors to Bangkok with enhanced safety, as outlined by the National Council for Peace and Order (NCPO), e.g. installation of an extensive lighting system and CCTVs. The operation is a cooperative venture with the Metropolitan Police to focus on 283 danger areas, and is expected to be completed within 60 days. Moreover, the Bangkok Executive Team insists all 40,000 CCTV locations in Bangkok must be connected and functioning properly.

Bangkok’s city wide lighting system currently consists of some 400,000 lamps. The departments concerned are being coordinated to repair some of the street lamps where they have become blocked by trees, or have broken bulbs, and to coordinate with the Metropolitan Electricity Authority to restore the power supply in some areas. All these processes are expected to be done within 60 days.