Bad weather forces Airbus A380 to make historic landing at Don Mueang Airport

An Emirates Airline A 380 plane was diverted to Don Mueang International Airport on Wednesday night marking the first time ever that an Airbus A380 touched down at this airport. (Photo – AOTGA / AOT Ground Aviation Services)

Due to extreme weather conditions an Emirates A380 flight from Guangzhou in China to Suvarnabhumi airport was diverted to Don Mueang Airport on Wednesday night.

Flight EK363 circled Suvarnabhumi airport for more than 50 minutes but was unable to land, so it was diverted Don Mueang, landing at 21.40 hrs. on Sept. 7.

The event was historic as this landing marked the first time an Airbus A380 plane touched down at Don Mueang International Airport.

There was a flurry of excitement on the tarmac as the AOTGA provided ground services including refueling the plane before the airline was able to take off again and land at Suvarnabhumi International Airport at 01.08 hrs. Thursday morning.