Aviation agencies urged to boost personnel quality


BANGKOK, July 2015 – Transport Minister Air Chief Marshal Prajin Juntong has asked all aviation-related agencies to speed up the improvement of their personnel’s abilities to boost the country’s aviation industry. 

During his speech for a national academic aviation conference, Air Chief Marshal Prajin Juntong said the government had a policy to strengthen the aviation industry. One of the missions is to upgrade existing airports to develop the country into the regional flight hub. ACM Prajin commented that the expansion of aviation industry requires enhancement of all types of resources, be they aircraft, services, maintenance systems and workers.

According to ACM Prajin, related agencies need to pay importance to development of their human resources by enforcing internationally-approved operation standards and launching training to bolster their personnel’s abilities. The Minister added that production of efficient staff is a worthwhile investment, for it can raise the country’s competitiveness and reduce foreign employee imports.

The Aviation Training Association speculated that the aviation industry may need more than 200,000 pilots and technicians of the same number in the next 20 years, adding that training courses will likely be adjusted to better serve the need of the airline business.