Authorities Gear up for New Year Holiday Exodus


NAKHON RATCHASIMA, Dec 26  – Thai authorities are gearing up for the exodus of New Year revelers who will begin their journey from Bangkok to their hometowns and tourist destinations.

On Thursday morning, major highways were crowded with migrant workers and tourists making their trips to celebrate New Year.  Mitraparp Highway, linking Bangkok with northeastern provinces, was congested.

The main junctions in Nakhon Ratchasima province, the gateway province to the Northeast, have seen heavy traffic as several road constructions are underway which have hampered traffic flow.

Further north, highway officials have opened bypass routes to facilitate millions of travelers to the northeast, the most populous region in Thailand.

New Year travelers are expected to flood highways and transport hubs in the coming days.  To handle the overwhelming number of vehicles Thai authorities have urged motorists to take detours and alternative routes while enforcing strict traffic regulations.

Across the country, related agencies are enforcing road safety campaign to prevent traffic accidents.