Army receives first 10 Stryker vehicles from U.S.


Bangkok – The Royal Thai Army has taken possession of the first 10 Stryker vehicles from an order for 70 from the U.S., which will be used in security operations in border areas and assisting the general public in cases of disaster.

Soldiers from the 11th Infantry Division’s Stryker Unit wearing field combat uniform joined the reception ceremony for the first batch of armoured cars from the United States. In the ceremony, the U.S. Army Pacific Commanding General, Gen Robert B. Brown, handed over the vehicles to the Royal Thai Army Commander in Chief, Gen Apirat Kongsompong.

The Thai army chief said four types of Stryker vehicles have been ordered, including an ambulance version intended to help members of the general public affected by a natural disaster.

The U.S. Army Pacific chief said he has contributed to the establishment of Stryker units in the U.S., while the vehicles have been used practically in Iraq. The delivery to Thailand will help with the country’s operations in various missions, such as crisis rescue and border security.

The delivering ceremony was also attended by military students from training centers nationwide, as the army chief wants students to witness progress and learn about the Thai military’s history and loyalty to the nation.