Army Commander tells officials to remain neutral

Royal Thai Army Chief General, Apirat Kongsompong.
Royal Thai Army Chief General, Apirat Kongsompong.

Bangkok – As the general election is approaching, the new army commander has issued policies to officials, urging them to maintain the peace and remaining neutral in politics.

Royal Thai Army Chief General, Apirat Kongsompong told members of the press after meeting with staff, that he intends to continue the work of his predecessors who have laid down a solid foundation for the army. He mentioned that an instruction has been given to the commanding officers to inform their subordinates to differentiate between military affairs and politics and to remain neutral. He asked them not to become pawns in the political arena. The General reminded them that the military is on the people’s side and must follow the Government’s policies.

Regarding the current administration’s roadmap to the general election, the new army chief has a full understanding of the duties of the military in the process, which include providing security, and informing people about the purpose of the event.

General Apirat also expressed his hope that politics in Thailand would be free of violence and would not affect national security. He said the military is ready to protect the nation, the religion, and the monarch of Thailand.