Apple concedes to paying copy right infringements to Thai news media


BANGKOK, 13 December 2013 Apple has conceded to paying copy right infringements to the Thai media after being accused of publishing its 5 news apps without permission. 

Law Consultant to the Online News Association Paiboon Amornpinyokiat reported that Apple had contacted the association to settle the copyright infringement damage outside of court. The association has therefore responded by dropping its charges against the conglomerate giant.

A total of 8 online news companies have joined together on February 5, 2013 to press charges against Apple. They include Thairath, Dailynews, ASTV Manager, The Nation, Kom Chat Luek, Bangkok Biz, PostToday, and Siam Sports.

The 5 online news applications that charges were brought against are THAINEWs Plus, Tiny-Thai News Reader, Thai News Reader, EveryNews and Thai Newspaper.