APAC 2017 Coaching Conference extols Thailand’s peacekeeping commitment


BANGKOK– The APAC 2017 The Coaching Conference has commended Thailand for its success in integrating religious teachings and business principles into its peacekeeping operation.

Held between May 25 and May 27, the APAC 2017 Coaching Conference saw participants from 18 nations around the world come together to share their coaching experiences. The aim is to help participants advance towards coaching mastery, in executive activities, business, performance, life matters and other areas of coaching influence.

The conference allowed participants to reflect on leveraging coaching to bolster harmony and mindfulness for sustainable growth in teams, the private and public sectors and society as a whole. Prominent speakers included Dr. Marshall Goldsmith, Dr. Stephen Marphy-Shiganatsu, the Venerable Phra Maha Wudhijaya Vajiramedhi, and Suthichai Yoon, amongst many contributors.

The conference also lauded Thailand for its ability to incorporate religious teachings and business principles into peace promoting activities and community development.