Anyone wants wild boars for raising?


Klong Sabua tambon administration organization (TAO) is offering free of charge wild boars to anyone who wants to take them to be raised in their backyards or farms.

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The free offering is the first move by Klong Sabua TAO to the wild boars in Tambon Klong Sabua of Phra Nakhon Sriayudhya district of Ayutthaya as the population of the beasts has multipled to more than 600 and now poses a big nuisance the residents of the tambon.

Many residents have complained that the beasts have invaded into their communities, destroyed their crops as they scoured for food and even searched for food in garbage bins.

However, the residents do not want to kill them and just want them to be moved out to somewhere else.

Mr Chamlong Charoensok, mayor of Klong Sabua TAO, said the wild boars used to concentrate in a 50-rai forest near Wat Klang Klong Sabua, but, of late, they spread out of the forest as food has become scarce and their numbers have multiplied.

He stressed the need to control the population of the wild boars by handing out some of them to anyone who want to raise them and by introducing birth control.