Anti-Money Laundering Office seizures total 40 billion throughout 18 years of operations


BANGKOK – The Anti-Money Laundering Office (AMLO) is celebrating its 18th anniversary. Since its inception, the office has seized a total of 40 billion baht in illegal assets.

AMLO Director-General Pol Gen Chaiya Siriampankul calculated today that over the past 18 years, his office has seized for the state a total of 40 billion baht in assets. Notable seizures from state-run operations include 6.325 billion baht from the Khlong Dan water treatment project, 12.909 billion baht from the government-to-government rice-pledging scheme, and 64 million baht from a Krung Thai Bank credit program.

Notable seizures of privately held assets include 724 million baht from human trafficking operations of the Nataree massage parlor, 9.542 billion baht from “zero-dollar” tour operators, 20 billion baht in the Klongchan credit union case, and 720 million baht from various drug trafficking busts.

Pol Gen Chaiya confirmed that AMLO will continue to crack down on money laundering and the funding of terrorist organizations, with ever greater efficiency.