Another unnecessary death on Sukhumvit Highway


Police and medics were called to a road accident on Sukhumvit road near the Wat Chong Lom u-turn on the morning of the 19th of Septmeber.

At the scene they found the dead body of a 60 year old motorbike taxi driver Niphon Vichaiyo he was lying face down in a pool of blood, nearby was his motorbike.

Lack of road sense led to the sudden end of this man’s life.

Further down the road was a black Isuzu pick up with the driver, a Danish national waiting to give his statement.

The driver Michel Frederiksen stated that he was driving to Bangkok at high speed when suddenly the motorcycle cut in front of him from Wat Chong Lom to do u-turn, he didn’t have time to brake and crashed straight into the motorbike.

The police gathered evidence and the driver was detained for further interrogation.

These types of accident will surely continue unless the police start asserting some authority regarding speeding and proper use of changing lanes.

Another unnecessary death on Sukhumvit Highway