City Hall police chief weds


Pattaya’s top elected officials were on hand when the head of City Hall’s regulatory enforcement police tied the knot at a lavish marriage ceremony at Sala Prasakom in A-Udomin.

Maj. Chirawat Sukontasap, a former Pattaya Tourist Police officer, wedded Nongnuch Sept. 10 as Mayor Itthiphol Kunplome and Pattaya City Council members looked on.

Chirawat showed off the huge “sin sot” dowry he paid for his bride, which consisted of 250,000 baht and several 10 baht-weight necklaces worth about 200,000 baht each. The bride also received a diamond ring.

Mayor Itthiphol Kunplome (right) holds a long and beautiful speech on the couple.Mayor Itthiphol Kunplome (right) holds a long and beautiful speech on the couple.

After the Buddhist marriage ceremony in the morning, a Chinese dinner was organized for relatives and friends. Guests received miniature replicates of the decorated Volkswagen Beetle in front of the venue. In the vestibule in front of the ballroom, pictures of the bridal couple were displayed which showed them in stages from their early childhood until today.

After the laudatory speeches, plenty of floral wreaths and gold necklaces were handed out by the parents of the bridal couple to them, before they walked through a row of girls with flowers towards the three-tier wedding cake to cut it with a saber.