Another drug bonfire to mark World Anti-Narcotics Day on June 26


BANGKOK, 18 June 2013 The Ministry of Public Health is preparing to organize the 42nd ceremony to burn narcotics substances confiscated from 2,584 drug-related cases throughout the year. 

Food and Drugs Administration Secretary General, Dr. Boonchai Somboonsuk, said the drug bonfire is scheduled for June 26, the World Anti-Narcotics Day, at the Bang Pa-in Industrial Estate, Ayutthaya Province.

The bonfire will involve a total of 3,363 kilograms of narcotics comprising 25,849 tablets of methamphetamine, crystal meth, heroin, marijuana, and other addictive substances, as well as ingredients used in producing narcotic drugs such as Codeine.

The seized drugs will be destroyed by pyrolytic incineration at the very high temperature of 850 degrees Celsius, which will cause no harm to the environment. The ceremony will be witnessed by representatives from foreign embassies in Bangkok, government officials and members of the media.