Ancient human remains found in Si Sa Ket province


SI SA KET, 9 June 2012 – Residents of Bueng Boon in Si Sa Ket province have discovered human skeletal remains and objects believed to be ancient artifacts. The remains together with age-old pottery and weapons were unearthed and collected in two separate bundles when reporters reached the scene. The discovery was made next to a utility pole in front of a house whose owner spearheaded the digging.

After the initial discovery was made, residents helped to dig further in hopes to unearth more ancient utensils and human skeletons. They believe there is still a large portion of remains and artifacts underground and those objects may lie more than 10 meters deep. The residents also believe what they have discovered had been likely buried for at least a thousand years.

Mrs. Gaysorn Butrsri, owner of the house, revealed that on Visakha Bucha day she dreamed of a man who told her to dig in the area where the discovery was made. The remains and all claimed artifacts were discovered at a depth of about 10 meters underground.

Mrs. Gaysorn and other residents said they would continue to unearth more of the human remains and give them the proper religious rites.