Amnatchareon faces serious dengue fever, 949 patients found, 2 dead


Amnatchareon, 2 July 2013, Dengue fever situation in Amnatchareon Province is worsening, given 949 people have been diagnosed with dengue so far this year; two of whom have already died. 

The province has urgently deployed officials to spray mosquito repellent in various schools, as the number of the patients rises and the disease is reportedly spreading rapidly.

According to Mr. Adul Konhthong, head of the provincial education office, dengue fever has so far this year affected three to four times as many people as it has done in each of the past ten years; which saw an average of between 90-150 people come down with the deadly virus each year.

To counter the spread of the disease among youths, the provincial education office is promoting a campaign to raise awareness of dengue fever in local primary schools. Mr. Adul has instructed school headmasters to destroy mosquito breeding grounds in their schools and other places nearby.

He also strongly suggested applying mosquito repellents during the daytime to prevent mosquito biting. Anti-dengue spray drive will also be conducted in schools situated near forest areas.