Agriculture Ministry inspects drought situation in Maha Sarakham


MAHA SARAKHAM – The Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives is following up on the drought situation in Maha Sarakham province.

Dr. Thanit Anekwit, an inspector general of the Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives, attended a meeting in Maha Sarakham to acquire information on the latest drought situation in the province.

The inspector general was informed that several areas have been declared drought-disaster zones whereas farmers in drought-hit zones have been receiving assistance from local authorities on a constant basis.

Maha Sarakham farmers have been encouraged to replace their plants with drought-tolerant crops such as corn and groundnut or switch to other professions during the long dry season.

The province is receiving 500,000 cubic meters of water from Ubol Ratana Dam on a daily basis. Local officials expect the province to have sufficient amount of water for consumption until July.