Agricultural cooperatives demand fairness in solar farm project


BANGKOK,(NNT) – Members of agricultural cooperatives involved in the solar farm project have voiced opposition to the reduction of the purchasing price, calling on the government to ensure the project’s fairness and transparency.

Thailand News 23-03-17 3 NNT Agricultural cooperatives demand fairness in solar farm project 1JPG

The cooperative members gathered to issue their response to the new method for procuring 119 megawatts of solar power in the second phase of the solar farm project, saying they disagree with the change from a random draw to an auction. They were also strongly opposed to the purchasing price adjustment from 5.66 baht per unit used in the first phase down to 4.12 baht per unit.

As for the quotas of civil servants who could not participate in the solar farm project, the cooperative members suggested that those quotas be transferred to qualified farmers to enable them to generate income, instead of being used for other purposes.

In this regard, the solar farmers have submitted a petition containing one million signatures to the Prime Minister and related agencies, urging them to check whether the project is fair and transparent.


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