Absentee voting overseas for upcoming general elections now underway


BANGKOK 15 January 2014 The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has reported a good turnout for the general election’s advance voting overseas, which began on January 13. Thai citizens in 5 other countries will be able to exercise their voting rights today. 

January 13 kick started the first day of advance voting, in which Thais living overseas exercise their voting rights for the upcoming February 2 general election.

Thai embassies and consulates in 24 countries now open for advance voting include Belgium, France, Germany, the Czech Republic, the Netherlands, Sweden, Canada, the United States, Japan, among others.

Thais overseas have reportedly been able to exercise their voting rights without any obstructions or violence in their areas.

Moreover, 5 additional countries will be open for advance voting today: Timor-Leste, Russia, Israel, Saudi Arabia, and Jordan.