About 30% Thais living abroad found suffering from mental health problems


BANGKOK, Sept 30 – About 30 percent of Thais living abroad have been found with mental health problems, according to the Thai deputy public health minister.

Mr Surawit Konsomboon said the problem was mostly related to adjustment to a different society in foreign countries, causing pressure and stress. Some patients become depressed and think of committing suicide.

Public Health and Foreign Affairs Ministries pioneered a project to have volunteers help those having such problems.

The Mental Health Department provides teams of psychologists to give preliminary advice to Thai people overseas about how to live happily in a foreign country, as well as fostering parenting skills.

The project started in Tuebingen in Germany before extending to other countries.

The Mental Health Department also offers advice online via social networks like Facebook and Skype for better communication and quicker access to solutions.