Abhisit: Red Shirt village only exacerbate social divides


BANGKOK, 22 August 2011 -Former Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva said it would only encourage social divides to establish a village exclusively for Red Shirt members, adding that the move would not represent them symbolically as they claimed in the past. 

The Head of Democrat Party designate, Mr. Abhisit, said he would like to hear the government’s explanation on the Red Shirt village, located in Udon Thani province, and what their objective of the movement was.

He cited that the Minister of Interior had clearly objected the idea while adding that the rumor surrounding the budget allocation of 1 million THB for the Red Shirt village was only going to discriminate other Thais holding a different political belief. This could eventually result in more social disparity and conflicts.

Mr. Abhisit said if the rumor had been true it would mean that the so called Red Shirt people had received the privilege for financial support. He added that if that was the case, then Pheu Thai should not have given the special treatment to a particular group and that the Red Shirt people could continue to be politically active as long as they remained under the law.