Abhisit: Red Shirt village expansion calls for authorities’ attention


BANGKOK, 20 September 2011 -Democrat and the Opposition Leader Mr. Abhisit Vejjajiva has stressed that the Prime Minister should have taken the helm of the Internal Security Operations Command (ISOC) herself while pressuring the government to conclude the matter on the Red Shirt village soon.

Mr. Abhisit said ISOC was governed and guided by law which enabled the Director of the ISOC to appoint an individual as an advisor to provide him/her with advice on specific matter related to security issues.

Mr. Abhisit said following the self nominated General Pallop Pinmanee who expresed interest in the position of ISOC Director; Ms. Yingluck would be able to perform as well under the same set of law that governed the ISOC.

He further reiterated that the government should make a clear direction as to where it would go with solving the southern unrest and strengthening relationship with neighboring countries. However, he said all works related to the southern insurgency should be directed to the Southern Border Provinces Administrative Center as it was already responsible for the issue.

The Opposition leader said he was not aware as to why General Pallop proposed himself for the position and called on the government to clarify his move. Meanwhile, Mr. Abhist said he was not surprised about the expansion of Red Shirt village, saying that Mr. Thaksin Shinawatra would do anything for his own benefit. He urged the Interior Minister to look into the matter and prevent the Red Shirt village from sprouting.