822 children caught hand-foot-and-mouth disease in just 19 days since start of year


BANGKOK, 27 Jan 2015,  822 children have fallen ill with hand-foot-and-mouth disease in just 19 days since the beginning of the year, says the Ministry of Public Health.

According to health officials, the figure was not out of the norm for the cold season, when the disease is easily spread, although it was significant enough to prompt the Public Health Ministry to warn the public to exercise caution.

People are urged to wash their hands often and to keep children’s toys and bedrooms clean. Infected children must take leave from school to avoid spreading the disease. Schools are being asked to send children with symptoms home.

Health officials said that although easily transmitted, hand-foot-and-mouth disease generally does not cause severe symptoms in those infected; patients usually have a hard time eating and swallowing.