Over 80 students suffer food poisoning after drinking milk


Over 80 school children were rushed to several hospitals in Khon Kaen province for suspected food poisoning after they drank milk provided by the provincial dairy cooperatives.

Over 80 students suffer food poisoning after drinking milk

Mr Somnoek Artyasri, deputy director of Sanambin school in the municipal area, said that the students consumed milk after they finished with their lunch. Shortly afterward, some of the students experienced dizziness, vomitting and diarrhea.

The school administrator then announced through a loudspeaker advising students to stop drinking the milk and those who felt sick were told to gather in front of the general affairs office as teachers alerted hospitals to send for ambulances.

Altogether 83 students were taken to different hospitals in the province.

The dairy cooperatives chairman Mr Kamphan Chaihat claimed that all the milk products sent to schools in the province was fresh. He said recently the cooperatives put fluorite into the milk.

The rest of the milk will be checked whether they are rotten or not, he added.