7 suspects confess to being involved in the April 6-7 bombings in Yala City


YALA, 25 April 2014 – 7 more suspects have confessed to being involved in the April 6-7 spate of bombings in downtown Yala, after officials brought in 10 persons for interrogation on Thursday.

Internal security officials, acting in accordance with the authority provided under martial law, questioned the suspects at the 41st Rangers Regiment in Raman district, Yala. The interrogators determined that 3 of the suspects were unrelated to the bombings, and released them. The remaining 7 suspects confessed to being involved in the attacks, and were taken to the Southern Border Provinces Police Operation Center for detention.

The weekend blasts on April 6 and 7 killed one person and injured 28 others. Around 50 homes were damaged, along with two Seven-Eleven convenience stores and a furniture store that had bombs planted next to them.