24-hr security provided for US Embassy after bin Laden’s death


BANGKOK, 2 May 2011  – The Metropolitan Police has stationed security units at the US Embassy in Bangkok to ensure safety around the clock on fears that the death of Osama bin Laden would trigger terrorist attacks on the premises.

Commander of the Metropolitan Police Division 5 Police Major General Somchai Patcharainto stated that an order had been issued by both the National Police Chief and the Metropolitan Police Chief for security officials to step up their protection of the US Embassy in Bangkok. Patrols will be conducted 24 hours a day at the premises as well as residences of important figures while security checkpoints have also been set up.

The order was made after US President Barack Obama had confirmed the death of Al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden due to concerns that the information would provoke anger among members of the terrorist group and lead to attacks on US government offices and related places. However, the situation has been peaceful thus far and police have found no indications of terrorist movements within the Kingdom.

Following mass celebrations across the US over the death of bin Laden, the US Department of State has issued a warning for all US citizens, both in the country and abroad, to beware of possible anti-American movements and to refrain from being near large crowds or demonstrations for the time being.