21 people die daily of diabetes


BANGKOK, June 25 – Thailand currently records about three million diabetes patients with 21 deaths daily, according the public health ministry.

Public Health Minister Pradit Sintavanarong said that the diabetes situation in Thailand in the ten years from 2001- 2010 that the number of patients receiving treatment in hospital has increased four times.

In 2011, fatalities from diabetes were recorded at 21 per day. Without effective control, the number of deaths could double in the next 26 years.

The Disease Control Department director general Pornthep Siriwanarangsan said diabetes can be caused by genetics and by obesity, improper diet and the lack of exercise. The latter can be cured.

At risk groups are people aged over 50 years, suffering from obesity and hypertension.

The minister advised the public to eat more vegetables and fruits, to exercise, to relax and get rid of stress. People are advised to avoid fatty, too sweet, too salty food as well as drinking and smoking.