2014 marked as fire accidents awareness year


BANGKOK, 23 Oct 2013 The Cabinet has endorsed marking 2014 as a year for preventing fire accidents. 

Prime Minister’s Office spokesman Thirat Rattanasewi revealed that 3 main activities will support the endorsement made by the Cabinet on Tuesday. The first of such activity calls for the Department of Disaster Prevention and Mitigation (DDPM) to work with the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration to train related personnel to handle fire accidents, and promote the importance of fire warning equipment in fire-prone areas such as homes, offices, high buildings, industrial plants, malls and cinemas.

Another activity calls for the DDPM to work with the Public Relations Department to disseminate knowledge about fire accidents through Public Relations Department media channels.

The third activity calls for all provincial administrations to hold a fire accident awareness week, to promote awareness among the public and also to promote collaborations among every sector to prevent fire accidents.

The Cabinet decision was made with regard to the fact that a large portion of past fire accidents resulted from negligence and ignorance.