122 Illegal Cambodian workers nabbed in Surin


SURIN, 12 June 2014, – Surin officials have apprehended 122 illegal Cambodian workers, as officials tighten their grip on measures against illegal workers in accordance with the policy of the National Council for Peace and Order (NCPO).

Police said that 59 of the illegal workers are male and the remaining 63 are female, adding that all of them were found in the train cabins and on the platform of Surin Train Station.

Initial inquiry revealed that all of the illegal immigrants are from Siem Reap and Udon Mechai Province of Cambodia, and were heading back to their country from Chonburi Province after being laid off by their employers. They claimed that the NCPO’s policy on foreign worker prompted their employers to fire them.

All of the Cambodian workers do not have the required permits to work in Thailand. Officials are now processing their files before repatriating them to Cambodia.