Over 100 migrant workers rounded up in Tak


More than 100 illegal Myanmar migrant workers were rounded up after a combined force of police, soldiers, and district officials raided several targets in Phop Phra district of Tak province today.

These targets are where authorities have information that they still employ illegal migrants to work.

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As the combined force split in three teams to swoop on the targets, migrant workers fled in all directions.

Only slightly over a hundred of migrants were captured.

They were classified in three groups – having work permits, work permits expired, and having no permit.

Officials will make records of those without permits and deport them for illegal entry.

Phob Phra district officer said since the government has relaxed the law by allowing migrant workers to register to get extension of their stays for two more years since April this year, not many workers have registered despite that the relaxation will end July 29.

He said 15,000 Myanmar migrant workers have been granted permission to work in 2014, but as the deadline for registration is imminent, only 1,600 migrant workers have registered.

This prompted authorities to pressure these illegal migrant workers to come out to register.

After the July 29 deadline, authorities will begin a tough campaign to drive out these illegal migrant workers out of the country.