10 bomb trafficking suspects transferred to police for investigation


BANGKOK – The military has brought 10 suspected bomb traffickers to police investigation.

Military officials from the 11th Army Region have transferred the 10 bomb-trafficking suspects via a private postal service in Bangkok to the Crime Suppression Division (CSD) for investigation.

Five of the suspects were identified as soldiers and the five others as civilians. They have undergone physical check-ups, had their fingers printed and acknowledged their allegations.

Deputy CSD Commander Pol Col Santi Chainiramai said some suspects have pledged guilty and given useful information during the interrogation, while others denied the charges and claimed innocent. Three suspected soldiers allegedly smuggled explosives for sales online while the others were alleged to be their customers who had claimed to buy the war weapons merely as a collection.

He said the case is not related to any bomb attacks in Bangkok, while civilian suspects would be detained at Ratchada Criminal Court on 10 June.

A total of 17 suspects have been involved in the case, including 10 civilians and seven soldiers.