WHA Group initiatives target community well-being in Chonburi & Rayong

Representatives of WHA Industrial Development Plc. (WHA ID) visited Ban Khai Hospital in Rayong to provide nourishing meals for the medical personnel. This action conveyed a message of encouragement to healthcare workers on the frontlines of the pandemic and heartfelt appreciation for their hard work and sacrifice.

WHA Group has incessantly been looking for new ways to make the neighboring communities of its industrial zones and logistics facilities better places to live and work. With the cooperation of various stakeholders, the company’s efforts to improve the residents’ conditions are based on real needs of the local community.

The focus lies mainly on discovering what help could be extended to the people from neighboring villages and districts, so they can become happier, more engaged, healthy and productive. In collaboration with local administrative offices, customers, partners and friends, company officials and staff implement initiatives that take care of the people to make them more resilient as a community.

For the month of June, emphasis was given to ensuring the physical and mental wellbeing of community members, through donations for the medical staff, healthcare workers and volunteers who have been offering their much-appreciated services.

Several boxes of alcohol-based sanitizing gel and handy carry-all pouches were recently delivered by officers of WHAUP, WHA ID and WHA Chonburi Industrial Estate to the Ban Hop Bon Hospital in Sriracha to help fight the spread of Covid-19 and lower the risk of infections among medical and health personnel, patients and visitors.

Because of the pandemic, the opening of the new school term has been delayed. To help affected families, the companies also donated food supplies to the Center to provide lunch for children who have no one to take care of them at home, while their parents are at work.

Ban Khai police officers in charge of security and protection were also recipients of a donation from WHA RIL. They received an air conditioning unit for the Ban Khai police station to make it an easier and more efficient workplace, and to make the area comfortable for visitors.