Bangkok Airways aids quake hit city


Bangkok Airways announced its collaboration with the Association of Siamese Architect under Royal Patronage to reconstruct school buildings affected by the Chiang Rai earthquake. Bangkok Airways will provide air transportation to architectures and staff who participate in this programme. The Association of Siamese Architect together with the Engineering Institute of Thailand under H.M. the King’s patronage, The Consulting Engineers Association of Thailand, Thai Contractors Association under H.M. the King’s Patronage and the Design for Disasters architect group have joined forces to help rehabilitate Chiang Rai by rebuilding 9 schools, 9 homes and 2 temples as well as attempting to reduce vulnerability in the local community to effectively and sustainably confront a disaster. The reconstruction programme includes; Muang Phan Tambon Administration Organisation School, Ban Tha Hor School, Thanthong Wittaya School, Ban Nong Bua School, Ban Thung Fapha School, Chumchon Ban Pa Kor Dam School, Pong Phrae Wittaya School, Ban Doi Chang School and Ban Huai San Yao School.