Bangkok wins 2011 Asian Townscape Award


The historical area of Rattanakosin Island has won Bangkok the 2011 Asian Townscape Award.

Deputy Bangkok Governor Wallop Suwandee represented the city of Bangkok in receiving the 2011 Asian Townscape Award from Ms. Rumi Ichiba, the Chief of Exchange Promotion Section of the Asian Pacific City Summit Secretariat of the UN-HABITAT in Fukuoka, Japan.  The awards were held under the concept of “Living Environment and Urban Revival” to reward model towns and projects which promote the life quality of its people together with environmental development.

The award is given to cities or projects which create an equilibrium between the people’s daily way of life and the environment.  Other criteria also include the promotion of safety, the importance of art and culture, the harmony between the city’s landscape and the way of life, the city’s initiatives and its role as a model for other cities in the future.

Bangkok presented its candidacy under the project of “The Living Bangkok Heritage”, which develops and conserves four areas around the Rattanakosin Island, including Plabpla Maha Jetsadabodin Ground, Santichaiprakarn Park, Nakarapirom Park, and Sanam Luang Ceremonial Ground.

Besides Bangkok, three other cities also won the 2011 Asian Townscape Awards, including Korea’s Jeju and Pohang, as well as the Japanese city of Kumamoto.