Woodall tops Haven Consultants at Green Valley, Pattaya


PSC Billabong Golf

Monday, June 10 Green Valley Haven Consultants Monthly Medal

The Haven Consultants monthly medal for March was held at Green Valley Monday, as this tournament couldn’t be held due to the corona virus. The April tournament will be held on the second Wednesday of July to catch up, then we will be up to date.

The annual tournament usually held at the end of March will be held if possible the last Wednesday of this month if presentations can be allowed.

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This competition is proudly sponsored by Brian Chapman, CEO of Haven Consultants, and has done for the last six years. From all here at the Billabong and any golfer who has played in this event – a very big thank you for your continued support in these tough times.

Green Valley was in pristine condition with the rain coming along at the right time for the course. Whilst winter rules were played today, it wasn’t really needed in most cases. It was a perfect day with no rain, but a little hot in some places on the course.

The lads were very competitive out there with everyone vying to take this trophy home. When you get 71 nett and only get 4th place you can see that the Haven trophy is well sought after.


Sel Wegner took 4th with 71 nett. There was a count back for 3rd and 2nd with Wayne Cotterell taking 3rd spot and Tony Oakes taking 2nd both scoring 68 nett.

Andrew Woodall shot 77 off the stick to score a net 66 off his 11 handicap. It was a great score, mate, well done, and now you go into the annual event for next year.

There were two 2s coming from Sandy Chapo and the sponsor Brian Chapman.