Well, well, well Casa Rifkin is in the winner’s circle with a great score!

(L to R) Winner Stu (Casa) Rifkin, with runner up Patrick Poussier.
(L to R) Winner Stu (Casa) Rifkin, with runner up Patrick Poussier.

PSC Growling Swan Golf played out of “Bogey’s Bar & Grill”

October 24 Eastern Star G.C. Stableford

To start this report I have a retraction to make. My last report stated Buffalo Bill’s 46 points was the best we had had at Growling Swan Golf. Well it has been pointed out to me that Mike Johns had 48 points at Crystal Bay, so Mike I owe you an apology and Bill sorry mate for the write up but with luck you will knock that off.

I guess now that I have made that statement all these scores will come out of the woodwork, bring it on. At the very least I can see people are reading these reports.

Twelve golfers signed up but unfortunately we only had eleven as K.K. had a fall (not full of grog) and caused an injury that hindered him in playing. Hope you are feeling better mate.

It was off to Eastern Star for the day’s event. A great course with great facilities, the course was in good shape. The only problem that we faced was our allotted 10.26 tee time put us behind a couple off groups of 5 balls, normally this would not be a problem but they were painfully slow. In the history of our golf the return to the bar was the latest of all time!
Weather was good to us although a little on the warm side, we attacked this course from the Yellow tees.

Eleven golfers allowed us to play only the one division with two placing’s with all novelties up for grabs!

Well it was Casa Rifkin that pulled one from the clouds. Been a long time threatening but Thursday was his day and 42 points saw him cross the line in first place.

Second home was Patrick Poussier two shots behind the Casa, then we had Martin Kempton & Denis Steele finishing third and fourth.

1st Stu (Casa) Rifkin (19) 42 pts
2nd Patrick Poussier (24) 40 pts
3rd & 4th Martin Kempton & Denis Steele 36 pts

Near pin: 3. Denis Steele, 6. Bill Steinmann, 13. Stu Rifkin, and 17. Patrick Poussier.

Longest first putt: 9. Steve Younger and 18. Stu Rifkin
Back at Bogey’s we welcomed back Peter Bye and Ian Ward, good to see both you guys back and having a hit with us. We bid farewell to two golfers sadly leaving us, Kevin Kennedy and Tony Ryan. Well guys you will be sadly missed, let’s wish you safe travels and hope that we see you again soon.

D-For was nowhere to be found as of the lateness of the golfers returning.