Voller sets the standard at Emerald


Jomtien Golf with the IPGC

Monday, Feb. 21, The Emerald – Stableford

There were 35 out today and the cut in the three divisions was set at 5-14, 15-19 and 20 plus.

Playing off 6 now, with an astounding 23 points on the front nine and a total of 40 overall, Chris Voller took the win in division 1 with a great round.  Kari Kuparinen was second on 35 and Peter Pedder came third after beating Timo Ahvenainen on a 19/17 back nine count-back after the both shot 34.

Tom Breslin claimed division 2 with 36 points, beating Barry Stirling by three clear and Jerry McCarthy edged Sassa on a 17/14 count-back for third after they both scored 31.

In division three another count-back saw Fred Duffy beat Rudi Schafer 20/17 for top spot after they both scored 34 points and ‘count-back’ Burnie came in third place with 33.

Lee Casey, Noi Emmerson and Andy Baber, the division winners at Eastern Star. Lee Casey, Noi Emmerson and Andy Baber, the division winners at Eastern Star.

In her last game with us  before her and Mike’s return to Holland, Herma Fitzgerald won the ladies division on 31 points (we all expect a lower handicap of 19 on her return later in the year).

An amazing six ‘2’s today in division 1 for Timo Ahvenainen, Risto Hakkenen, Kari Kuparinen, Jerry McCarthy and Chris Voller (2). A rollover ensues to next week at Green Valley in division 2.

Near pins went to Jean Utting, Timo Ahvenainen, Peter Pedder, Chris Voller (2), Kari Aarnio, Tom Breslin, Cully Monks and Rudi Schafer.

Wednesday, Feb. 23, Greenwood – Pairs Scramble

The last Wednesday of the month and our fun game, this time a pairs stableford scramble which had to include in each team one person from division 1, and one from division 2.  There were twenty teams penciled in the afternoon before but overnight there were a few cancellations and one no show so in the end we had 17 pairs and one single player.

We played the B and C courses today at Greenwood and as we stood on the first tee the majority of caddies were predicting rain during the round.  As the first group reached the 10th hole the skies were really dark and the wind was blowing a gale.  All the waterproof coverings came out of the golf bags as the first three groups left the tee, but the skies literally cleared in 20 minutes and a pleasant back nine was enjoyed by all without any rain.  Our Burapha caddie Miss Kung, who plays with us sometimes, told us there were three hours of rain on her course that day, which is not that far away so we were very lucky.

There were only 16 points separating all the teams today; Noi Emmerson and Tony Holehouse came in fourth with 45 points, Billy Hewitt and Jim Connelly beat the lucky Irish couple of Cully and Josie Monks on a 23/20 back nine count-back after they both score 46 points, but the winners today with 48 points were Mike Combs and Kari Aarnio.

Near pins went to Harry Vincenzi & Burnie Sinclair, Georges Faber & Ernst Egeskog, Barry Stirling & Bryan Rought, Bill Hewitt & Jim Connelly, Jef Hamilton & Martin Macateer, and Cully & Josie Monks

The ‘2’s were split between Mike C & Kari A, Tony H & Noi E, Jef H & Martyn M, and Barry S & Bryan R.

Friday, Feb. 25, Eastern Star – Stableford

Our rollover kitty extravaganza day was postponed for one week due to a few of the lads being away on a golf tour around Kabinburi.  Another two of our players this week have enrolled as life members here so the numbers are growing.

The best score in the three divisions today was 38 points for Lee Casey who won the second division.  John Williams was second six points behind and Peter Bowden took third after beating Jim Lane on a 16/15 count-back after they both came in with 30 points.

Andy Baber took the division 1 win with 34 points and in the frame again Cully Monks was second with 31.  Tony Thorne beat the Luxembourg optician Georges Faber 16/14 on count-back for third after they both scored 30 points.

Noi Emmerson’s 33 points was the best score with 6 ladies playing in their own competition, with Josie Monks in second after beating Nar Hector on a 12/9 back-six count-back.  Welcome back Keith and Nar.

There were no ‘2’s today in any division so next Friday here should be an interesting day.

Near pins were claimed by Noi Emmerson, Keith Hector, Frank Kelly, Dennis Scougall, Cully Monks and Les Utting.

It was Bon Voyage today to Jean and Les Utting, see you both later in the year!