Van Dyk victorious at Pattana


PSC Golf from the Tropical Golf Group

Tuesday, April 12, Pattana – Stableford

Well it is that time of the year again, when all sensible golfers depart Pattaya prior to a week plus of getting soaked every time you go out of the door.  Whilst none of us are against a couple of days of frivolity, eight or nine is not my idea of fun, so on this day we had a reduced number before many of those left departed to a drier climate.  I would have gone myself and was all set to spend a few days in Bangkok but the ‘better half’ decided she wanted to stay!

We had an early start to the day on Tuesday and arrived at the course in good time and were soon on the first tee and away.  Unfortunately for the unready golfer (your scribe), we teed off on the B course which is bordered by water on both sides and my ball went straight into the hazard, well hooked in there.  It was followed by a couple more in the water to set a personal record of three balls lost on one hole.  I was later pleased to note that I was not the only one to lose so many balls on this hole.

Andre Van Dyk (centre) with Landis Brooks (left) and Mashi Kaneta.

The course was nice and empty, so we could roam around and look at the scenery.  Mind, we did have a strong wind to contend with.  The course itself was a pleasure to play and actually had grass on it, although Dick Warberg did have to play one ball from the centre of three water sprayers, but it was so warm he did not seem to mind and he soon dried off.

It soon became apparent that the greens were in fine condition and they were as good as any we have played for some time.  Fast and true they were a pleasure to putt on, the only problem for me was that the hole kept moving when I tried to put the ball in.  And the C nine that we played next was just as good.  Mind, it was very hot and we were all pleased to get back in the showers.

After a quick cold drink it was back to home base where we arrived very early for us and were able to get on with the results.

Only one flight and the scores were quite good.  The winner with 40 points, and on a good run of form, was Andre Van Dyk.  In second place was Mashi Kaneta with 38 points and then we had a count back on 37 that saw Landis Brooks in third and Gerd Riedler just missing out.

Near Pins: Mashi Kaneta, Gerd Riedler, Landis Brooks, Dave Cooper.