Tip Briney rises from the ashes

Winner Tip Briney with Phil Davies presenting.

Pattaya Links Golf Society
Wednesday, June 30
Rayong Green Valley Golf

Some months ago, Tip Briney and some mates left Links Golf to take a membership and play at the Siam courses where he has been making some very good and consistent scores. While two of his regular playing partners are away, Tip has come back to play at Links, where he is always welcome.

On Monday at Treasure Hill he used the excuse that these fairways are not the smooth, ‘sit the ball’ up type fairways like Siam, and that is why he could only muster 23 points.

Green Valley’s fairways are starting to suffer the ‘dry’, and they are becoming a little patchy, and certainly don’t sit the ball up.

However, Tip must have learnt quickly, as he has risen from the bottom to the top with a masterful score of 39 points. Having six one putts was a help. He has taken the win and, as he had not worn it for a long time, hung around at Links after the game ready for the Green Jacket photo op.

Peter Lacey had a good win ten days ago and was within reach of another win. With only seven starters, his solid 37 points, from a new lower handicap, got him the remaining place on the podium.

As mentioned, this course, along with a few others now, is showing some dry, brownish patches. The greens are playing truly, even if they don’t look as if they should. Things are drying out so quickly and ground staff are battling to keep enough water up to the fairways and greens, and staying just ahead.

Winners at Green Valley
1st Place – Tip Briney (24) – 39 pts
2nd Place – Peter Lacey (11) – 37 pts

Phil Davies, after being away from Thailand for many months, took a long time to get back on the golf course. On Monday, the ankle problem flared and he had doubts about playing at Green Valley.

Hoping a change of shoes would help the ankle, he dragged out a pair of runners that, although very new, had been in storage for a long time.

Half way through the round, and the soles were ‘laughing’ before coming off completely, due to the glue drying out in storage. But, he is trying to get in eighteen holes, just not today.


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