Swing Basics


A typical golf instruction manual should include a step by step description of all the swing basics. It should be written in a very clear and concise fashion that is easy to understand and comprehend. Included should be swing diagrams with ample explanation for each drawing. A golf instruction manual should also have plenty of photos.

Sometimes you will find a golf instruction manual containing subject matter that relates to one particular topic such as: putting manuals, swing manuals, rule manuals, etiquette manuals and even betting manuals! With a little research, I am sure that you will be able to find one that will be right for you.

The internet would be an excellent source to find a good golf instruction manual. You can obviously go to your local golf course or retail store. Another great source for golf manuals is your local library. Not that long ago manuals were only available in paper form, but now you can get all sorts of titles on DVD. I think the DVDs are great because of the ability you have to re-run each scene or segment.


Their downside is that the only way you can use them is with a DVD player. On the other hand, manuals in paperback form can be carried around with you. I have played many rounds of golf where a rule manual came in very handy to settle a discrepancy or an infraction. In fact, I would not feel comfortable playing a round of golf without one in my bag.

One golf instruction manual that I have seen deals strictly with the psychological aspect of the game. One of my old sayings is that golf is a game played mostly between your ears! That is why golf psychology is becoming a very important topic these days. Of course, there have been times when I thought I should see a shrink because of my game but that is another story altogether.

Tiger Woods is a perfect example of the importance of golf psychology. Next time watch Tiger and note how high his level of concentration is during a tournament. He’s never down, and he’s rarely up! He knows just how destructive emotions can be while playing. Have you ever noticed how far your shots go when you are pumped? A good golf instruction manual based on this topic will make your game much more interesting and enjoyable. Isn’t that what this game is all about?

A good place to start is Headgame Solutions For Golf: A Concise Guide to Concentration and Visualization Kindle Edition by Thomas Gingerich, and Mindgame Solutions For Golf: A Brief Guide To Finding The Zone Kindle Edition by Thomas Gingerich