‘Shush’ – you know who wins again


PSC Golf from Lewiinski’s Golf Society

Sunday, Oct. 27, Green Valley – Stableford

A Flight

1st Kevin McEntee (6) 40pts

2nd Neil Hurst (12) 39pts

3rd Matt Hurst (12) 38pts

4th Bob StAubin (13) 37pts

B Flight

1st Geoff Bracegirdle (20) 36pts

2nd Gerry Roche (20) 36pts

3rd Jum Karagit (19) 36pts

4th Pierre Bietry (16) 35pts

Near Pins:  No 4 Mike Holmes, No 9 J P Gasser, No 12 Thierry Petrement, No 16 JP Gasser

It wasn’t going to take long to justify the ‘title guy’ this week as Co. Offaly man Kevin McEntee, also known as ‘you know who’, was tops in A Flight and the man of the match with an excellent 40 points.  Kevin might just find a one-way ticket to a destination of his choice under the Xmas tree this year courtesy of the Lewiinski’s society lads.

Kevin McEntee (left) with Andy Byrne.Kevin McEntee (left) with Andy Byrne.

Kevin was trailed up the podium steps by Neil Hunt, Offaly gang mate Matt Doyle and Bob St. Aubin stringed out by single digit increments in that order.  Bob was grateful of the extra podium spot as he, as always, donated his prize to the Jing Jai Orphanage.

A trio of players vied for the top spot in B Flight, all with even par rounds, but when the mud had settled the count back went in favour of Aussie Geoff Bracegirdle, with the silver going last week’s headline boy, Irishman Gerry Roche.  The belle of the bar Jum Karagit filled the bronze spot.  Pierre ‘the magician’ Bietry was the benefactor of the extra podium spot a shot adrift.

Mike Holmes, JP Gasser. JP Maffray, Clint Samuels. Yui Bietry and Craig Blyth shared the 2’s pot.

Tuesday, Oct. 29, Greenwood B & C – Stableford

A Flight

1st Matt Doyle (12) 36pts

2nd Andy Byrne (9) 35pts

3rd Clint Samuels (6) 31pts

B Flight

1st Terry Mangan (15) 36pts

2nd Dominic Downey (13) 34pts

3rd Peter Henshaw (18) 34pts

It was a great day for the Irish as they filled five of the six podium spots.  The man of the match was split between A Flight’s Co. Offaly man Matt Doyle and B Flight’s Co. Wicklow contender Terry ‘pork chop’ Mangan.

Matt was followed up the A Flight podium steps by his mate and fellow gang member Andy Byrne a shot back.  Clint Samuels and Craig Tees both finished on 31points and the count back ensured Clint took the bronze and Craig the wooden spoon.

Terry’s B Flight winning score was two clear of the Irish pair of Dominic Downey and Peter ‘the silver surfer’ Henshaw, with Dominic having the more favorable back nine.

Jeff Clohessy slotted home the only 2 of the day.

Wednesday, Oct. 30, St. Andrews – Stableford

A Flight

1st JP Maffray (11) 37pts

2nd Trevor Loftus (9) 37pts

3rd Matt Doyle (12) 36pts

B Flight

1st Gerry Power (17) 40pts

2nd Jim Elphick (26) 39pts

3rd Colin Davis (17) 30pts

The fear that St Andrews strikes in the golfer’s hearts and the fact that Wednesdays are the second of back to back outings, usually contributes to a smaller crowd for this fixture.  However, the good sized crowd was just fine for Gerry ‘the Irish rover’ Power whose excellent 40 points was top in B Flight and top score on the day.  Gerry was one stroke clear of Jimmy ‘two shots’ Elphick and a further two clear of ‘the Donkey’.

The top rung in A Flight was not determined until a count back was done for old friends JP Maffray and Trevor Loftus, with JP’s math’s adding up the better.  Following those two but a point adrift was Co. Offaly gang man Matt Doyle and Ed ‘our man in the White house’ Wyckoff.  Needless to say Matt rode off with the last bag of loot as Ed was left hands in the air and pot less.

The golfer of the month was Kevin ‘Shush you know who’.

Six 2’s were recorded with Dominic Downey posting a brace.

Friday, November 1, Plutaluang East & South – Stableford

A Flight

1st Andrew Byrne (9) 37pts

2nd Kevin McEntee (6) 36pts

3rd Peter Hynard (12) 35pts

B Flight

1st David Kirkstuik (18) 37pts

2nd Justin Fowlis (13) 36pts

3rd Dominic Downey (13) 36pts

C Flight

1st Jim Elphick (26) 35pts

2nd Noel Flynn (20) 34pts

3rd Aiden Murray (24) 34pts

The co-man of the match was Co. Offaly gang star Andrew Byrne with 37 points.  Andy was one clear of Kevin ‘you know who’ but Kevin was not too concerned as he helped himself to a share of a very healthy ‘2’s pot.  The gang arrived from the airport in a taxi and a Securicor van has been hired to take them back.  The “fluent in Thai” Peter Hynard filled the flight but needed the aid of the calculator to edge Aberdeen’s Mark Wood.

That other man of the match I alluded to was B Flight’s David Kirkstuik, who was one clear of a trio all locked on even par rounds with the scales tipping in favour of Justin Fowlis and Dominic Downey.  The unlucky non-appearing podium player was one of our friends from the ‘old sod’ (and we have many), Peter ‘the silver surfer’ Henshaw.

Jimmy ‘two shots’ Elphick was the top man in C Flight with a steady 35 points while Noel Flynn had to go to a count back to better Aiden Murray as both were a shot shy of Jim.

Mark Wood and Terry Smith shared the ‘2’s pot with Kevin.

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