If Blondie only knew, she would cry


The Backyard Golf Society

Last Friday’s game at Emerald turned out to be a very interesting affair, not so much for the golf but for some adolescent secrets that ‘The Quiet Man’ revealed post-game.

But first to the golf, and the day’s winner was Irish John with 36 points while the near-pin went to Linda’s Lovelace (aka Mickey), which should see a drop in his ridiculously high 32 handicap, but as he is now the handicap secretary we will have to wait and see on that one.

Irish John (2nd right) celebrates his win with the girls at Blue Sky Bar.Irish John (2nd right) celebrates his win with the girls at Blue Sky Bar.

There was a good spread on the skins with ‘Irish John’, ‘Foos yer Doos’ and ‘Passport Control’ all winning three, two to The Quiet Man and seven roll-overs.  But, as it was such a hot day and we did not like the idea of someone breezing in next week and nabbing the 7 roll-overs, we decided to convert the cash into drink vouchers at Blue Sky Bar.

Several players were no shows today: Jimmy ‘2 Stone’s run of bad health continues; Russell “He’s a Victorian” was off up near the Laos border on his hog; Andy Oz was unable to face the world as his hair was showing too many grey streaks; ‘Michelle’ Chatt we think had some sort of female complaint and Don ‘the Divorcer’ absconded with the previous 2 weeks roll-over kitty.  Hopefully some if not all will return next week.

Down the road and The Quiet Man confessed to his yobo-youth obsession with the one and only Debbie Harry (Blondie) to the point where he even made a purely self-gratifying offering to her at one stage.  If Blondie only knew, she could have been Mrs Quiet Man.  How lucky did she get!

With the high season now here we expect to see more players on the courses and with Emerald recovering really well from the ground-staff’s over exuberance on the fairways, it bodes well for some good golf over the next few months, notwithstanding the hordes who usually descend from a region in the northeast of Asia.