Sea fishing with Phoenix Members Golf Society


Bangsaray at 7.30 am this past Saturday, Feb. 23, and looking over the ocean is quite something at this time of life.  One of a few pleasures we old codgers can enjoy at this time of life.

With a full crew of 5 passengers we set off in relatively strong winds, but from the land, which does not swell the waves too high.  We were on a new boat today and I have to say it was quite comfortable.  Not quite so long as our regular boat but perfectly adequate.  It is also useful to have a different captain occasionally to see and learn new ideas.

The scribe with his prize catch.The scribe with his prize catch.

Captain Keaow was our guy today and he and his 1st mate took good care of all of us.  Keaow, being the Thai word for green did not ring true.  This captain was very experienced indeed.

Fishing wise there were varied results today from pladang to the very beautiful and large grouper, landed by myself on very light tackle.  A good 15 minutes was required to tire this one out before netting it into the boat.  Guesstimated at about 4 to 5 kilo.  He is now safely tucked up in my freezer.

Other good catches today were some leather jackets and plenty of snapper with the worst catch being a nasty looking snake/eel of some kind, quickly dispatched back into the sea without being touched by hand.

Total catch today would be in excess of 15 kilos so there was plenty to share around and for everyone to take home to their loved ones to cook for them.

All agreed at had been a lovely day out on the ocean once again from 8.00 a.m. till about 6.00 p.m.

Our next scheduled trip is 9th March and then again on the 23rd March.  There are one or two spaces available at this time of writing so if anyone would like to join us, call me on 087 091 7565.  All bait (including live squid) is provide and if you do not have any tackle there is plenty available.  Transport can also be arranged but only from Jomtien area and back.  The only thing you have to provide is your own food and drinks for the day.

Note that these days are NOT big game fishing trips, more a great day out on the ocean, with stunning views and great weather conditions.  We spend all day fishing and unless the boat is privately chartered by a family etc we do not go beaching or swimming.

For further information you can contact me on the number above or email [email protected].