Golfer’s heaven for Kevin


PSC golf from The Golf Club

Monday, Feb. 18, Green Valley (white tees) – Stableford

1st Kevin Moraghan (16) 39pts

2nd Dale Shier (14) 38pts

3rd John Emmerson (14) 37pts

3rd Ian Hoddle (2) 37pts

With the amount of foot traffic this course gets, you would not expect it to be in such good shape, but it is.  There were several guys who commented that the greens were the best they had ever seen at Green Valley.

Blessed with good weather, finally, we had a strong turnout of 40 golfers and 39 points was the best score anyone could muster.  That someone just happened to be Kevin Moraghan, and fresh from Korea, he turns up and shoots lights out.  The facebook warrior shot 39 points which was a great score on the day.

Tom Breslin, Liz Brockley, Terry Pettitt and Jay Burns.Tom Breslin, Liz Brockley, Terry Pettitt and Jay Burns.

Visiting from his Paradise Bar on the darkside, Dale Shier had 38 points, which would normally be enough to win on any other day but put him one back on Kev.  Partner John Emmerson finally had a decent round as did Ian Hoddle and shot one better than their handicap for 37 points.

Wednesday, Feb. 20, Greenwood A & C (white tees) – Stableford

1st Mike Omiya (8) 35pts

2nd Dave Mather (7) 35pts

3rd Jay Burns (3) 34pts

A trip out to Greenwood was on the cards today.  The former Noble Place always has a strong following and any 18 of the 27 hole challenge will be a winner.  Personally, I think the C course is one of the best 9 holes in Pattaya.

Mike Omiya.Mike Omiya.

Mike Omiya is visiting us again and he is one of the nicest guys around.  Mike ended up sharing the glory with a very steady Dave Mather as both lads ended up with 35 Stableford points.  Jay Burns is entering recovery mode as the bandits from Scotland have finally left him with some peace and quiet.  No reason for Jay not to start winning again, eh?

Friday, Feb. 22, Phoenix (white tees) – Stableford

1st Terry Pettitt (16) 40pts

2nd Jay Burns (3) 38pts

3rd Tom Breslin (23) 37pts

4th Liz Brockley (12) 37pts

5th Phil Smedley (12) 37pts

It’s nice to play a course that is so close, and especially when fighting the Friday night rush hour on the way back.  Phoenix (Lake & Ocean) was in very good condition today, and most punters gave it high marks.  There were also some complaints, but they were reserved for the lightning fast greens that surprised most of us and we saw several 3 and 4 putt greens.  They were really, really fast and it was hard just to hold them on the green.  If you like it fast, book your next game here!

A nice mixed bag of golfers joined us today and we had the white, silver and red tees covered on the day.  Terry Pettitt was the best of the lot, and shooting 40 points here was a terrific score.  Conservative putting was the key to Terry’s victory.  He joins us on this trip with a certified and verified handicap, so more power to ya mate!

Jay “Cohiba” Burns was all on his own for second place while a trio of 37’s one shot behind completed the roster.  Tom Breslin, Liz Brockley and Phil Smedley all shot 37 from the Silver, Red and White tees respectively to make it a very interesting and diversified leaderboard.

It took a good 5 hours for the round today, as we were made all too aware that we are still in the grips of high season golf traffic.  Oh well, at least we got to stop and smell the roses amongst the pines and the palms!  Thanks for joining us for another great week of great golf in Amazing Thailand.

Note:  The Golf Club is located on Soi LK Metro.  We usually play on Monday, Wednesday and Friday so come join us for a seriously fun day out. Just call 085 434 3377 or see our website www. and for more information mail us: [email protected] and see updates at www.facebook .com/golfclubpattaya.  All handicaps welcome!